Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge #3

Student Blogging Challenge
Challenge #3
10 Different Ways To Use A Sock
1. Butterfly Catcher
2. Flag
3. Dish Rag
4. Sock Puppets ( If you're Lonely)
5. Sock Skirt!
6. Sock Earrings!
7.  Sock Gloves!
8. Sock Boots (everything is made from old socks except for the soles) 
9. Pull toy for your dog... or any other aggressive animal you may or may not have! 
10. Sock Patches.. for other socks


  1. Hope,
    I really liked your post for this third challenge. I especially liked your ninth idea. Funny! I hope to see more from you soon! Check out my blog as well - - Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Sydney, I will check out your blog ASAP!

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  3. Cool post! The only thing I would've done is that explain how you can make them.

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  4. HAHAHA. I cracked up reading this! Please check my blog out

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  6. Thank you all so much, all of you! I will get to your blogs as soon as I can! Please keep coming back to my blog!

  7. i like your idea for sock patches! we definitely need to do that to your brothers' socks! lol

  8. Good ideas!! How about a "I can't find mates to any of my sock" support group!! Lol

  9. When I was little we always used old socks with the toes cut off to cover that skin between the mittens/gloves and the coat cuff. If you cut a thumb hole and loop it over your thumb they stay on perfect. Great job on the blogging...