Friday, March 22, 2013

Blogging Challenge ~ Challenge #2

Blogging Challenge
Freedom of Choice

There are many different things that I could talk about. From ailerons to a zebra. Even though there are many things I could talk to you about, I have chosen to write about accessories. I absolutely love accessories. From fingerless gloves to crazy earrings, I love accessories. I will wear as many accessories as I can in one day. Some of my favorite earrings are my mom's when she was my age ( she lived in the 80's). I also like to accessories my shoes if I can. As much as I love accessories, and I could go on forever about them, but alas, we have come to an end.
Until the next Student Blogging Challenge, I will see you around! 

1 comment:

  1. i'm happy you like to wear my "vintage" earrings :) lol